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Analyze the Development of Water Purifier Factory in Countryside

Over the past dozen years, the water purifier main growth is concentrated in the urban. This is mainly based on social acceptance of the masses to water purifier. With the city's pollution market saturation as well as some water purifier brand has accumulated in recent years enhanced market appeal, rural suffered pollution caused by inland triggered growing, rural residents feel deeply dramatic changes in living environment. The awareness of healthy accelerate the water purifier’s step to enter the rural market. There are two major issues worth considering based on the prospects of the rural market, one of the rural market demand, the second is the level of consumption in rural markets.

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Is there a demand in rural market?
Currently water purifier rise in second-tier cities. For the rural market, it is still new things. It is because of the initiation stage of water purifier in rural market, the water purifier factory gets a big development opportunity. Just need to demand from the point of view, water purifier products in the rural market demand is more rigid: the pollution is more serious, a few times pollution incident had occurred in the second - and third-tier cities; heavy industry and heavy pollution mainly concentrated in the second - and third-tier cities; the condition of water treatment in second - and third-tier cities is more worse. These determine the water purifier will become necessary electrical healthy products in the future.

Is there an enough capacity of consumption?
The price of water purifier fluctuated between 1 thousand yuan and 2 thousand yuan. The water purifier factory worried about whether there is a sufficient level of consumption in rural market? In fact, the consumption level in rural market is higher than imagined one. Especially in third-line market, it is usually not enough to worry about spending power but the product is able to provide adequate utility. Solar water heaters solve their comfort and energy efficiency, and water purifier is directly related to health.

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In addition, water purifier marketing must be combined with service. For water purifier factory, the follow-up services includes end-user marketing services and distribution agents for services in two parts. The latter is especially important. Water purifier factory should pay more attention to training work on dealer, such as sales training, product maintenance, repair skills training. Then it make the company dealers can actually take on development and stimulate sales, development, occupy and expand the market. Those show the strategy, responsible and sustainable development.

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