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Bottle Water Filling Machine

Now along with the mechanized requirements, development of bottle fully automatic filling machine is growing very fast, using of automatic bottle filling equipment bring about a lot of convenience to our lives. Now the automatic bottle filling machine design of beautiful appearance, equipped with touch-screen. Automatic beverage & water bottle filling machine is convenient and simple for operation. Automatic bottling machine adopts advanced integrated circuit design, self-examination, and greatly improve the production efficiency.

Bottle Water Filling Machine

Here to introduce the most popular products 250ml-2L Bottle water filling machine CGF series. Here at J&D, we mainly offer 5 different models for both of our domestic and international markets. They are CGF8-8-3, CGF16-12-6, CGF18-18-6, CGF24-24-8, CGF32-32-10, for different models, bottle filling capacity varied: 1000-2400, 4000-4800, 6000-7200, 8000-9600, 10000-12000. According to different actual uses and investment cost, please choose the most proper type for your projects. Should you have any requirements or doubts, feel free to talk to our engineers, and we will feedback in 24 hours, as well we are glad to offer the cheap but high quality beverage filling machine for more international customers.

250ml-2L Bottle water filling machine CGF series.is an integrated three-in-one automatic machine with bottle washing (3-in-1 bottle filling machine), washing medium pure water, filling and capping. This type of bottle washer filler capper is of high precision in water and beverage filling, automatically air blowing for bottles access. CGF series water filling machine features in equipped PLC control, user-friendly screen, easy and smart operation, stable and efficient working. The filling bottles capacity can be from 250ml to 2L.

Automatic water bottle filling machine control intelligently, thus saving a lot of work. Beautiful exterior design also makes it seems smart greatly improved from the former situation of not precise measurement. Typically today's water bottle filling machines have two kinds of measuring methods, which are filled in accordance with the capacity and quality. Filling position will contain the relevant inspection equipment, thus personnel can feel free to check the quality of the liquid. Automatic water bottle filling machine can dramatically improve the efficiency of the production line, an indispensable machine in the production process.

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