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Bottled Water Filling Machine Specifications and Overall Introduction

An overview of bottled water filling machine

Bottled water filling machine is barreled water production equipment for water works with pure water or mineral water filling 3 gallon and 5 gallon buckets water. Here at J&D, 3/5 Gallon bottle washing-filling-capping machine XG series are available for international customers.

The equipment is simple, only need of 1-2 workers to operate, is an integrated filling line with water treatment, washing, filling, bottling, and capping, using three-phase AC 380V power supply, widely used in urban, industrial and mining enterprises, and individual units.


The 3 gallon bottling machine and5 gallon bottling machineequipment is reliable, easy to operate, easy to maintain, simple micro-computer control system and pneumatic control systems.

It helps to realize bottle washing, filling and capping process conducted in a vacuum to prevent pure water or mineral water in the process of filling the possibility of secondary pollution, so as to realize the aseptic filling is currently the most ideal equipment for pure water/mineral water bottling.


3/5 Gallon bottle washing-filling-capping machine XG series technique specifications:

1.Models available and filling capacity: XG-100 (60bph); XG-100 (120bph); XG-100 (200bph); XG-100 (300bph)
XG-100 (450bph), XG-100 (600bph), XG-100 (900bph), XG-100 (1200bph)
2. Filling heads: 1 or 2
3. Filling capacity: 18.9L(5 gallon) and 3 gallon
4. Voltage: AC380V/50HZ±15°
5. Working pressure:0.6—0.8MPa
More details, please check the equipment at the product category.

Bottledwater filling machine adopts automatic control, its working process as follows:

1: Bottle washing:

After five washing stations, the first station using chlorine dioxide (CLO2) dissolve the washing and disinfection, cleaning time can be adjusted, the first station to 12S, the second station to 12S, the third station to 12S, the fourth station for water cleaning time can be adjustable according to the different needs, the last station is the residual moisture in the rinse bucket hanging NET.

2: Filling:

Dry clean through the chain conveyor conveying, falling on the Rotary barrel body and helped bucket barrel bodies strengthening, filling valve, start filling, filling time can be adjusted according to the filling pump flow.

3: Filling and capping:

When the filling is finished, barrels of barrels filled with water will be sent to the rationale of transmission mechanisms cover cover cover, cover sets of barrels into gland body, Cap cylinder cap press, at this point, a cleaning cycle is complete.

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