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Carbonated Drink Production Line Technique

Today,let me tell you something about carbonated drink production line & technique.

As we all know, carbonated drinking production can be divided into two steps: water purification system and bottling machine system. First, pump water from fountainhead water pool to mulit-medium. Then those water will through active carbon filter, precision filter, ultra filter, ultraviolet rays sterilizer and chilled drink machinery group in turn. Last, those water which through a whole process before will be stored in chilled drink machinery group.

In another line, use Carbon Dioxide filter and Carbon Dioxide steel to extract Carbon Dioxide and separate impurity. Then mix the carbon dioxide and treated water. Now, there will be a melting sugar boiler which is suitable for melting and disinfecting dairy products, such as syrups, juices, food and other material melt sugar. Then those sugar must through some machines, for instance syrup filter, mixing can, syrup cooler, which can purify and cool the syrup. And those syrup will be delivered to chilled drink machinery group and mixed with treated water.

3-in-1 bottle filling machine

After doing above process, those water which be mixed with carbon dioxide and syrup will be delivered to normal pressure 3-in-1 bottle filling machine. The machine can achieve the target that bottle washer, filling and capping. On the other hand, beverage bottle will be transmitted to CIP rinsing machine, which use a certain temperature cleaning fluid through the airtight pipeline to wash the inner and surface of bottle to achieve the purpose of cleaning. Then the bottle through the unscrambler make it orderly. After those, the bottle will be transmitted to normal pressure 3-in-1 bottle filling machine. Now, a bottle of drink come into being.

At last, those drink will be through marks sprayer, shower warm bottle machine, automatic shrink labeling machine, steam generator, heat shrinking machine, conveyor, automatic shrink packing machine. A final carbonated drink is produced.

Shenzhen J&D Group is a reliable water treatment equipment factory enjoying high reputation in producing cheap 3-in-1 bottle filling machine, water bottling machine water filler, water purification machine and bottling machine etc. Carbonated drink production line and technique it utilizes are advanced and safety. Do come to here find a high quality water purification machine.

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