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China Bottle Blower-Different Development

Due to the rapid development of bottle packaging, china bottle blower industry has improved continuously. The manufacture and R & D technology gap between china bottle blower and international industry become smaller. In fact, the rapid development of china bottle blower factory can’t be separated from the rapid growth of the domestic economy over the past few decades.

At present, china economy is facing structural adjustment and deepening reform. The growth of bottling packaging has begun to slow down. That make the market demand for bottle blower decline. Bottle blower factory also face the different market environment and challenges. And they need the improvement actively.

China Bottle Blower-Different DevelopmentChina Bottle Blower-Different Development2

At first, china and European market will be more and more convergence, because of rising of labor cost, transformation and upgrading of economy. The requirements on automation of bottle blower will be increasing. So is the production efficiency. So in this two market, the china bottle blower factory should pay attention to the automatic production technology of bottle blower.

Second, if the bottle blower factory want to ensure the growth of the market, they must go out and actively explore the market in some developing countries and regions, such as Africa. In that market, in the view of bottle blower demand, the factory ought to focus on the price. Bottle blower factory can explore the low-end market in these area.

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