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China Bottle Blower Factory Faces Three Problems

Pharmaceutical companies are the most biggest companies demand for bottle. Of cause, making bottles can’t operate without bottle blower. Nowadays, there are less factory manufacturing large-scale bottle blower in china. The competition between them is lower than small bottle blow molding machine. Thus, the benefit space is large. China bottle blower factory should grasp the opportunities to develop toward to collectivization.


According to information, the production level of china bottle blower factory shapes as pyramid. There are a lot of low-level redundant products in the footer of pyramid. While the number of high-end products is too small. The industry is facing development confused. As the pharmaceutical industry has grown, pharmaceutical packaging industry also accompanied expand. Also, those stimulate the china bottle blower industry. China bottle blower factory is facing following problems:

1. The china bottle blower factory is urgent to develop in the direction of green, environmental protection, high energy adhering to safety, healthy, environment. Only combined with environmental protection, zero pollution, can the it develop well.

2. China bottle blower factory should build brand which can represent itself. It with small scale is not enough to complete with international. If it want go abroad, it must build its brand.

3. The bottle blower can be used in twice. The used ones is the best choice for small-scale enterprise because of high price of new one.

The bottle blower industry is facing industrial restructuring and upgrading like other industries. With increasingly fierce competition of domestic market and improvement of labor cost, the development of china bottle blower factory will bear more pressure. How to get out the development bottleneck becomes an obligatory considerable problem need to solve.

In my opinion, making the bottle blower go abroad is a considerable development trend for china bottle blower factory currently. After a long time development, it has accumulated some manufacture technology and experience. Those make it became a possible that china bottle blower factory sets up branch in abroad.

Shenzhen J&D Group is a reliable water treatment equipment factory enjoying high reputation in producing cheap bottle blower. Bottle blower it utilizes are advanced and safety. Of cause, it offered by Goldsan are high quality and with reasonable price. Do come to here find a high quality one.

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