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China Glass Door Water Dispenser-Disinfection

With the wide use of special barreled "pure water" and "mineral water", the china glass door water dispenser matched with the bottle also enter the office and home. And it becomes a consumption trend. But the consumers only focus hygiene requirements on the water and ignore health worries-glass door water dispenser pollution.

The long time use of water purifier will make it produce peculiar smell and foreign materials, even moss. But many customers think that it is caused by the quality of water. And they will shoot at the pure water production enterprises.

According to the investigation of Consumer Council, it is not created by water entirely. The detect of the health monitoring department shows that hot and cold water liner of barreled drinking water machine without cleaning for three month will produce multiply bacteria, viruses, precipitation residue, heavy metals and even overgrow of insects, which endanger people's health seriously.

water dispenser

In general, the neck barrels of bottled water after the upside down set on the "smart seat" of china glass door water dispenser. Then the hose in machine will import the water into two tanks, one is hot water, another is cooler water. In addition to discharging hot and cool water, the two tanks can also play the role of the impurity in the precipitation water.

People often replace the bottle water repeatedly. But they ignore that the tank in glass door water dispenser will also has a certain amount of water. And those water will hide the pathogenic bacteria. If the case last for a long time, the water will become a “hotbed” for the bacteria.

The consumers will have a wrong cognition that the glass door water dispenser is a water purifier, bottled mineral water is clean, so even if the glass door water dispenser doesn’t clean and disinfect regularly, there will be no problem. Though there are many glass door water dispensers with the function of antibacterial design for sale, more importantly, the consumers should strengthen self-protection awareness. Glass door water dispenser must be cleaned and disinfected regularly.

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