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China Packaging Machine Factory-Three Problems (1)

At present, domestic dairy enterprises usually use cheap machine in preliminary treatment aspect. The key step in the packaging material, filling, marking, etc. are mostly imported equipment. At the moment, the carton packaging industry has been developed from the low level to advanced level, and the momentum of development is very fast.


In recent years, the rapid development of packaging machinery allows people to see the unlimited possibilities of food packaging machinery industry development prospects. It is understood that china pre-treatment machine of beverage, drinking water, carbonated drinks and tea can basically meet the needs. Medium and low speed bottle, packing equipment also have to match the product to choose. In the hot filling machine, hot filling is still the main production and filling process of tea and fruit juice drinks.

From the current development situation of china packaging machine factory, there are three major issues have to pay attention to and to be resolved. The first is the product quality problems. Foreign packaging machine prices are high, the reason is that the product quality is good. The production technology of china packaging machine is backward. And the quality need further strengthened.

The second is lacking of scientific research innovation ability. At this stage, China packaging machine mainly carry out imitation and ignore development and research. Though there are new developing products, the amount is small and cycle is relatively long.


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