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China Packaging Machine Factory-Three Problems (2)

The china packaging machine factory only emphasize the production. This leads to product innovation is not enough to keep up with the needs of the market. In domestic market, there is a phenomenon is more serious homogenization. For example, a products with a new design has just been listed on the market soon be copied out, there are often thousands of companies to put on the market in a short time. So that we cant find the developer in the last.


Driven by interest, many packaging machine factories are busy in imitating other company products and look down upon upgrade of machine. And they also wont be devoted to the realization of technological innovation.

Whats more, the level of automation of china packaging machine factory is low. Some industry insiders pointed out that the food packaging machine used in foreign country enjoy high automatic level. And the per unit area is bigger than our country. This is not because that the domestic manufacturing level cant achieve the standard but the problem of need. The reason is that the overall size of the domestic food processing and manufacturing industry is not large. And the machine with the large capacity need large investment in one-time.

At present, each countries pay more attention to the development of packaging machine. The packaging machine develops in the trend of high efficiency production, high utilization of resources, energy conservation, the high-tech products use and the commercialization of research results. For the china packaging machine, those are their direction. Although enterprises cant do big, but should strive to ensure that fine and specialized.


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