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Development Forecast Of China Wrapping Machine

Most of China wrapping machine factory possess small scale. And “small and all-inclusive” is one of its main features. At same time, there is a requirement regardless of the industry, which produce low cost, backward technology level, easy to manufacture mechanical products repeatedly. There are approximately 1/4 of enterprises have low-level repetitive phenomenon in industry. This is a great waste of resources, resulting in the wrapping machine market confusion and hinder the development of industry.

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The annual input of wrapping machine factory is often fluctuate between a few hundred million to 10 million yuan. Less than 1 million yuan of wrapping machine factory has a lot of number. There are nearly 15 percent of wrapping machine industry closing, at same time 15% of companies have joined the industry. The phenomenon damage the stability of the development of industry.

With the development of technology, followed by a variety of food industries and aquatic products. Those put forward a new demand to food packaging technology and equipment. Food wrapping machine faces more intense competition. They will be coordinated with industry automation and improve the overall level of China wrapping machine to promote the development of multi-function, high efficiency, low consumption of food wrapping machine in the future.

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Mechanical and electrical integration

Traditional China wrapping machine often use mechanical control, such as the distribution cam shaft. Then there appeared photoelectric control, pneumatic control forms of control. But, as the increasing of food processing craft and packaging parameters requirements, the original control system has been difficult to meet the needs of development. So, the new technology should be adapted to change the appearance of food wrapping machinery. Today, the China wrapping machine is a machinery and electronics equipment which gather the machine, electricity, gas, light, magnetism. We should focus on improving the automation of wrapping machine in the designing in order to integrate the wrapping machinery research and computer and realize mechatronics control.

The essence of mechatronics is combining the machinery, electronics and information, testing and other relevant technology using principle of process control from the system point view to achieve optimal overall.

Generally speaking, it introduces microcomputer technology to wrapping machine and use mechatronics to develop intelligent packaging method. It develop fully automation packaging system according to the requirements of automatic product packaging process. It can be used to measure the aquatic products processing food accurately, fill fast, control packaging process automatically. It simplified the wrapping machine structure and improved the quality of product.

Multi-function integrated
You should build automation, diversification, multi-functional integrated wrapping machine system by adapting new technologies.
Food wrapping machine trends are mainly reflect on those terms such as high productivity, automation, single multi-functional, multi-functional composition of production lines. Heat pipe and cold sealing technology is used in sealing. In addition, with wrapping machine shift from a single technology to processing combine, the use field of wrapping machine should be extended to the processing areas. And we can develop a new wrapping machine which integrates wrap and process.

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