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Features Of 600bph Automatic 5 Gallon Bottle Filling Line

Goldsan 600bph automatic 5 gallon bottle filling line is mainly composed of automatic de-capping machine, rotary outer washing machine, automatic bottle-loading machine, inner washing machine, automatic filling machine, cap sending, cap washing, sorting, pressing machine, intelligent steam heat shrink packing machine, light inspection. Features of the line include: 

1.cap-catching in short action time and accurate (completed by special cylinder), simple adjustment, claw using fake cover shape.

2.A rotary outer brushing machine adopts surround type Omni bearing brushing, spraying process, with center brush, side brush and the bottom brush, by the gear transmission driving rotation, which can fully clean the barrel neck, shoulder, barrel body, bottom; no wear, no dead angle, can completely for washing of the generation of internal washing process, avoid cross-contamination, wash the machine reliability, stability is extremely high, at the same time on yield can be conveniently adjusted; equipped with lye and finished water to wash the two station.

3.The outer brushing machine and washing machine interface use the manipulator automatic barrel, low energy consumption, accurate positioning, the bottom of the barrel no relative friction.

4.Inner Wash is in the lifting type high-pressure washing process, eensuring the spray washing without dead angle

5.Automatic filling machine adopts the inserting type full closed filling process, to ensure that the liquid level control is accurate, reliable, and thereby achieve aseptic filling

Features Of 600bph Automatic 5 Gallon Bottle Filling Line
6.cap-unloading use of the centrifugal exhaust cover mechanism, Italy Li Hang cover technology, application of barrels of error of plus or minus 2 cm high, Stainless steel crawler.

7.Intelligent steam heat shrink film machine water tank is connected with the water pipe, float type electronic water level controller design, the electric heater for heating the water in the kettle, when reaching a preset value (4 to 7 ATM adjustable), pressure control circuit will give off signals, the main control circuit immediately turn off the heating power. (about 10-20 minutes) steam temperature is 140-170 ℃ at this time when the machine can start work. Automatic program control, fully automated, high pressure steam, heat flow more efficient, completely avoiding the shrinkage phenomenon;

8.Linear type bucket machine, realizing the soft, linear recirculation walking, Japan imported spring chain safety and health, can use single or on-line layout realize the pipelining.

9.Automatic stacking machine, variable frequency control, stacking layers: three layer (high stack layer, the tray size can be customized).

10.Transmission system adopts imported deceleration motor, with high quality 304 stainless steel conveyor belt, which ensures the high stability and reliability of the transmission system.

11.The lines of the entire main fuselage using high-quality SUS304 stainless steel Seiko production.

12.The whole production line adopts Japanese "OMRON" (PLC) industrial computer control, step less variable speed, simple operation, easy to use, to ensure that each functional part of a tight coordination overall, which can achieve a long time uninterrupted operation.

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