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Fruit Juice & Fruit Tea Production Line & Technique

The following are the main process about fruit juice&fruit tea production.

First pump the water from the fountainhead water pool and through the multi-medium filter to have water purified. Then the water will be transferred to the active carbon filter to have juice purified by reducing water turbidity, color, water purification follow-up system (reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, ion exchange) of pollution. Then water comes to the softener which will help soften water to make it tasty. Next, through reverse osmosis device and ultriviolet rays sterilizer to eliminate the harmful and unhealthy substances.

production line 1

The processed water then will be transported to the mixing can. Through the melting sugar boiler and syrup filter, the well-processed sugar will come to converge with water. Then the fruit juice is preliminary molded. Next step is to do further purification of juice by using double filter, amoreitze tank and homogenizer. Then the vacuum dearating machine open to remove material liquid air (oxygen), browning, pigments, vitamins, aroma components and oxidation of other substances. The purified juice next will be transmitted to cooling-heat tank and then the ultratemperature sterilizer and finally the hot filling 3-in-1 bottle filling machine.

production line 2

The bottle will be cleaned by CIP rinsing machine and then sorted by unscramber. By hot filling 3-in-1 bottle filling machine, the juice are bottled.

production line 3

After that, the bottle should be marked by marks sprayer and then be sertilized by automatic bottle inverted sterilizer. Then shower cooler help lower down the juice temperature. Next, bottled will come to the automatic shrink labeling machine and then steam generater. In order to have a beautiful package, the bottled juice should be processed by heat shrinking machine. Then blow drying machine will dry the bottle. Last, through the conveyor, it will be transferred to automatic shrink packing machine, a tasty fruit juice is created.

production line 4

Shenzhen J&D Group is a reliable water treatment equipment factory enjoying high reputation in producing cheap 3-in-1 bottle filling machine, water bottling machine, water filler, water purification machine and bottling machine etc. Carbonated drink production line and technique it utilizes are advanced and safety. Do come to here find a high quality water purification machine.

production line 5

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