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How to Clean Cheap Water Dispensers

Nowadays, water dispensers become an indispensable household products. You can see it in office, mall and other public place. However, when the cheap water dispenser used for long time and its frequency is high, it is easy to produce scale and bacteria. What’s more, it is likely to form second pollution because of its special structure-plastic. At same time, it usually set on conspicuous convenient location. Those make it covered in dust and bring water pollution. After drinking, people will lead to digestion, stomach and other aspects of the disease.

So, we must know how to clean water dispensers. Though there a special service for cleaning, we should learn clean it. Following, I will tell you how to clean it.

Cleaning tools:Waste clean toothbrush, clean basin, dry cleaning rags or tissue, screwdriver, special-purpose detergent

Basic cleaning method:

1.  First, you should move the water dispenser to place near sewer. It is convenient for water flow and prevent the water flow from dirtying floor. Then, remove bucket on water dispenser and unplug the power supply.

2.  Buy a bottle of special-purpose detergent to clean water dispenser in supermarket or drugstore. Then, put 5ml disinfectant and suitable water (not overflow) into water receiving mouth on the top of cheap water dispenser. After about five minutes, use waste toothbrush to clean outlet connected circle, especially the plastic stick in the middle of water receiving mouth.

3.  Use screwdriver to unscrew the screw cap behind cheap water dispenser and set it in conspicuous place. Then, open the green protective case and discharge the water in water dispensers.

4.  After the water drain, pour a pot of clean water from the top of cheap water dispenser to eliminate remaining disinfectant. At same time, press water switch in order to let the water containing disinfectant flow out.

5.  After washing water flowing out, install green protective case and repeat steps 2-4 until the water dispenser is clean according to the purity level of water and your judgment. At last, repeat step 4 several times to clean the water containing disinfectant thoroughly.
6.  Use disinfectant paper towel wipe the cheap water dispenser parts from top to bottom, such as top drainage base, tank, tap.

7.  Install green protective case and screw caps and set the bottle water on water dispensers. Then, fill a bottle from tap to sure there is no water containing disinfectant.

8.  Check dispensers plug to make sure there is no water, otherwise, swap it with dry cleaning rags or tissue. At last, move the water dispenser to ventilate place. After a few minutes, you can use it.

This method is a fundamental method to clean water dispenser. It can eliminate the bacterial flora and scale in water dispensers effectively. There are many means to clean water dispensers. Generally, they are different in step 2. You can replace disinfectant with citric acid food grade, vinegar, decontamination effervescent. Other steps is same.

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