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Introduction Of Water Filling Machine (2)

Use, maintenance and installation
1.  Because this water filling machine is an automatic machine, the bottle cap, bottle size are required be same.
2.  You must rotate the handle before you start the water filling machine to test whether there is anything abnormal rotation. After confirming its safe, you can start machine.
3.  When adjust the water filling machine, the tools must be used appropriately. Don’t use excessive tools or excessive force to dismantle parts. Those will damage the water filling machine.
4.  After adjusting, you must screw the loosen screw. Before starting water filling machine, turning the machine by shaking the handle and look its action whether in accordance with requirements.
5.  The water filling machine must be kept clean. The oil, liquid, glass debris on machine will wear the machine.
(1). In the production process, the machine should be cleaned timely
(2). The various parts of the machine surface shall be cleaned before succession once, and applying cleaning lubricating oil to all the activities department.
(3). Thrown scrub once a week, especially in the part that were not easy to wipe clean in common use or with compressed air blowing off.

introduction of water filling machine 1introduction of water filling machine 2.
Disinfection and flushing
1.  Unscrew the upper and lower set screws and remove liquid injection system as a whole sterilization, disinfection cleaning or removing respectively.
2.  The inlet tube in the cleaning solution to clean boot.
3.  There may be error in the 500 ml model in the actual filling, before the formal filling, measuring cylinder volume so far.
4.  Type filling machine with the needle, 10 with a standard 5 ml or 10 ml syringe, 20 with 20 ml glass type filling machine, the type 100 with 100 ml glass filling machine.

Installation precautions
1.  After the machine out of the box, first, check whether random technical information is available and the machine is damaged in transit in order to promptly solve.
2.  The incoming components and the material components should be installed and adjusted according to the shape in specification.
3.  New lubricating oil should wipe on all lubricating.
4.  Turning the machine by shaking the handle and checking whether the machine is running in the right direction (in the face of motor spindle for counterclockwise), the water filling machine must stay on the ground.

The working principle and performance of water filling machine
1.  Working principle: the water filling machine is semi-automatic piston type filling machine. It extract and hit by cylinder and control material flow by a check valve. Also it control cylinder stroke by the magnetic reed switch in order to adjusting the filling quality.
2.  Performance: the water filling machine offered by Goldsan introduces foreign advanced water filling machine technology and has carried on further reform and innovation. It is best choice for your company with more simple and reasonable structure, high precision, easy operating.

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