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Juice filling Machine Filling Methods and Comparison

Now for liquid food, the juice beverage accounted for the most, orange juice has high accept rate in consumers, other several important tastes such as apple and grape also occupy quite big of ratio. Juice beverage of taste also are into diversification development trend, the dairy beverage, carbonate beverage, pure water and tea beverage became the strong competitors, which let juice beverage more difficult. Thus for juice filling machine, it has more requirements and will stand more tests. Juice beverage of diversification development performs different in filling and concentration differences. In the market, juice filling line for acid bottles and cartons is divided into aseptic cold filling and hot filling, many consumers are curious about these two ways, here to have a brief introduction and comparison.
Cold filling: through ultra-high temperature sterilization, the juice products are cooled to room temperature, in the sterile environment of man-made, filling with hydrogen peroxide sterilization of bottles or cartons, caps are tightened after hydrogen peroxide sterilization. Cold filling has less influence to the products taste and nutritional quality, and less materials using, but equipment invested twice of the hot filling.

Hot filling: through high temperature sterilization, filling temperature of 90 degrees juice into the bottles, after capping, with the temperature of the juice itself to bottle and cap sterilization. This type of juice at high temperature longer, its taste and nutritional causes damage more.

Aseptic cold filling are concentrated fruit juices, jam after sterilization cooling down to 220L drums, shelf life of more than one year. Hot filling adopts 18 liter iron barrels, after 85~90 material filling, use the material for the sterilization of barrels, and then cooled, relatively speaking, the damaging process on the product nutrition, low productivity, time consuming, have mostly been eliminated.

Aseptic cold filling with UHT ultra-high temperature instantaneous bactericidal, heat treatment of the material for no more than 30 seconds and hot filling using sterilization materials under high temperature for a long time, seriously affecting product texture, color and heat-sensitive nutrients.

J&D offers RCGF Series 250ml-2L Bottle Juice Filling Machine, four different types GFR16-12-6, GFR18-18-6, GFR24-24-8, GFR32-32-12 for choice. This juice filling line is compact design integrates bottle washing, filling and capping, automatic 3-in-1 filling line, high precision of juice and tea filling. As well the temperature is well controlled, please feel free to check the details with us.

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