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Mineral &Pure Water Production Line Technique

The follwing are the whole process of mineral water production

At first, pump the water from source water to a series of filters, such as mulit-media filter, active carbon filter, precision filter, hollow fiber super-filter, which use one or several of filter medium to remove suspended impurities in order to make water clear.

Then those water will be laid in storage tank. Then use ultraviolet and Ozone to sterilize water. Next, filter the water at last. Now, we have finished water treatment process. The following, bottle the water and pack. First, through unscramble bottle machine put the bottle to normal pressure 3-in-1 bottle filling machine, which achieve bottle washer, filling and capping.

Then use ink jet printer and automatic shrink labeling machine to give the bottle label printing. At last, take advantage of a series of machine to change the appearance of bottle which make it more beautiful.

Mineral &Pure Water Production Line Technique 1

The following are the whole process of pure water production

First: pump water from the fountainhead water pool to multi-medium filter. Through the filter, the water can filter the useless media. Next, the water will be transmitted to the active carbon filter which helps reducing water turbidity, color, water purification and also have a good effect on reducing follow-up system (reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, ion exchange) of pollution. Then the filtered water will come to softener where by using sodium cation exchange resin to remove calcium and magnesium ions in water reducing raw water hardness to achieve the purpose of softening hard water. The next step is to do further filter in precision filter.

Mineral &Pure Water Production Line Technique 2

After doing precision filter, water will be pumped to reverse osmosis device and ultraviolet rays sterilizer to do further water purification. The water next are to stored in a tank which also called ozone generator. Till now, the water purification part is basically finished. The following steps are mainly about bottling. First the water will be transferred into the unscrambler, then normal pressure 3-in unit to do general package.

Mineral &Pure Water Production Line Technique 3

Next, through marks sprayer, automatic shrink labeling machine, steam generator, heat shrinking machine, water bottle is generally shaped. Then, utilizing blow drying machine to help dry the bottle, through automatic shrink packing machine and air compressor, the bottle finally finished. At last, water will be packed into bottle through 3-5 bottle washer&filter machine. A final water bottled purified water is produced.

Mineral &Pure Water Production Line Technique 4

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