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Mineral Water Filling Line Process and Principle

Over the years, drinking natural mineral water resources in China are abundant. Because mineral water has a strict international certification standards, so its health conditions and sterilization requirements are higher and stricter than pure water. Mineral water production line equipment retain the beneficial substances in the production process, and strict control of harmful substances.

Mineral water bottling production line process search

Mineral Water Filling Line Process and Principle

Filling line mainly includes four systems in water treatment, bottler blower, water filling and packaging, production capacity up to 2000~36000 bottles/hour. Production below 2000 bottles/hour select of split-type filling machines, production above to use washing, filling and capping, the type of 3-in-1 bottle filling machine.

Split-type filling line covers more space area, washing machines, filling machines, capping machines in line distribution, while 3-in-1 filling machine with high efficiency, small footprint, high degree of automation, greatly reduced the travel time between washing, filling, capping, more secure to ensure the product quality. From the perspective of upfront investment cost, split type filling machine is cheaper, three-in-one filling machine costing higher, thus according to their own situation and make the appropriate choice.

Mineral water filling equipment work principle and characteristics

Mineral water production equipment generally uses ultra-filtration technology, will be coming out of the underground natural or artificial expose, not contaminated underground water,processed and reach behind national standards for drinking natural mineral water for drinking.

Mineral Water Filling Line Process and Principle2

Filling line is an advanced of film separation technology, material liquid in the contains of solvent and the various small of solute from high pressure material liquid side through filter film arrived low voltage side, to get through liquid or called Super filtrate, its Super filter film micro-hole can up 0.01 Micron following, can effectively remove particles, colloidal, and bacteria, and heat in water, and size bigger than film aperture was film interception into concentrated liquid.

Therefore, drinking water filling line produced natural mineral water with natural high quality, low salinity, low hardness, weak alkaline characteristics, not only meet the relevant national standards, pollution-free, not contain the beneficial

trace elements, have good nutrition and health care function, taste is quite pure.

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