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Packaging Will Be The Biggest Market of Plastic Processing Machinery

 According to related report, the global plastic processing machinery market is expected to grow at 6.9% a year, and reach in 2017 to 37.1 billion.

A new study says a better marketing environment is coming. We can see from the acceleration of fixed investment and plastic products production, packaging will be the biggest market of plastic processing machinery which is expected to be more than a third of the total sales till year 2017. The next largest terminal market will be the consumer products and construction fields.

Due to wide application of the injection molding equipment, it will continue to be the most important part in the industry of processing machinery. By the year 2017, its market share can reach two fifth of the total. 3 d plastic printer will be the fastest growing plastic processing equipment, from the current market situation of a relatively small expand to other areas of the production. With the support of the rapid growth of the world construction market, extrusion machinery sales will usher in a period of fastest growth, said by Cleveland research group

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China is by far the world's largest machinery market, takes up 29% of the global market, and will maintain the leading position. India is the fastest growing country in the world, occupying 12% of the world's market share in 2013. As to regional markets, central and Southern America is the fastest growing market, followed by Africa and the Middle East Area. Predicts 2017, influenced by the development of the global transportation industry, Asia and the Pacific machinery manufacturers can retain the advantages of fast delivery.

The development of China's plastic processing machine caught attention of the world. Our annual production capacity of plastic machinery ranks the first in the world, which has a significant impact on the market; China's export quantity of molding machine increased dramatically, which changes the patterns of the molding machine markets around the world; adjusted industrial structure and continuously improved product quality strengthened the competitiveness of Chinese manufacturers.

Under such an industrial environment, Goldsan put more efforts on product improvement and quality control to assure the stretch bottle blow molding machine and injection molding machine we offer get the best cost performance. Our stretch blow molding machine has full auto models and semi-auto models, deal with bottles from 250ml to 20L; injection molding machine is mainly working for bottle performs and bottle caps. Any interests, please feel free to send us inquiries.

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