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The Development Problems Of China Wrapping Machine

The international wrapping industry attaches great importance to improve general ability and versatility integration of wrapping machine for the whole packaging system. At same time, the wrapping machine factory explore continuously and accelerate its step to technological innovation based on the need of simplifying wrapping and wrapping technology. Wrapping machine instead of manual packaging greatly improves the efficiency of packaging. But wrapping flooding has become a bad habit. Not only the wrapping, but also the packaging machine will develop toward to environment in the future. Green is the theme in the future.


Development of wrapping machine industry
China wrapping machine started late, starting in the 70s of last century. After 20 years of development, it has become one of the top ten industries. The china wrapping machine provide guarantee for the rapid development of packaging industries. Some of it have been able to meet the needs of domestic market. There are a big gap between the output and input of china wrapping machine.

There are also a series of problems in the development of china wrapping machine, such as its level is low. Wrapping machine market has become increasingly monopoly. In addition to some small packaging machine has a certain scale and advantage, others can’t form system and scale, such as water filling line, aseptic packaging production line, beverage containers equipment. In the world market, in several major packaging machine factories are monopolized by groups. In the face of foreign brand strong stocks, domestic packaging machine factory should take positive countermeasures.

From the present situation, the global demand for wrapping machine increase with rate of 5.3% an annual. The fastest growth of packaging machine production is developing country and regions in the future. The developed countries get benefit by stimulating domestic demand and invest suitable companies especially food companies to provide packaging machine. Since its accession to the WTO, China has made considerable progress. China wrapping machine enhance the level fast, with the world advanced level in the gap is gradually narrowing. With the increasingly open of china, the china wrapping machine will also further open the international market.

Development issues
China has become the world's largest commodity producing and exporting countries. At same time, the international countries focus on china packaging market which possess rapid development, large scale, huge potential. Although the china packaging machine market has a wide prospects, there are many problems caused by stand-alone automated, poor stability and reliability, unsightly appearance, short life.

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