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The Principle of Water Purification Machine Choice

Select the water purification machine according to water quality
In northern China where water with high hardness and some limestone area in south, the water contain too much calcium and magnesium ions easily causing scales, thus, itis better to buy high grade ion exchange resin filter.
Urban tap water which contain the chlorine and have heavy color and smell can select household water purification machine with more activated carbon. The activated carbon can adsorb the chlorine and peculiar smell and color in the water and eliminate organic matter significantly.
The Principle of Water Purification Machine Choice

The purification of the urban and rural areas water with poor quality should use the household water purification machine with the function of coarse filter, fine filter. For the water which polluted seriously and need filter the any impurities fully in water, the customers should buy reverse osmosis water purifier. The water through it can’t be drink directly.

The four mistakes when choose water purification machine
1.   The more the filter element have, the better function it does
The more filter element can’t show it can operate well. The low side water purification machine usually has 4-5 filters. But those filters adopt the simple filter material and their effect may not be as strong as high-performance filter. In my opinion, the final filtration in drinking water use disposable filter as far as possible. It can avoid secondary pollution.

2.  Consider the brand and ignore professional
Many famous brands are belong to enterprise which operate a variety of household appliances. It only can produces simple and low side household water purification machine to meet the demand of ordinary life in the low end market. While the household water purification machine, especially direct drinking water, need R & D expertise team according to its complexity. So we should choose water purification machine produced by professional water purification machine factory. It not only have good technical quality assurance, but also give you more professional service.
3.  Activated carbon filtration technology has become obsolete
It is not the case, the activated carbon is the best natural filter adsorption material. Almost all water purification machine uses the activated carbon. If you do not use charcoal, whether declared filtration precision high, the taste of the water will be discounted. The activated carbon can be divided into granular, powdered and activated charcoal stick. The first two with low price can’t filter completely often. The last is the best choice and it can completely filter.

4.  The filter can be used for a long time without replacing
In fact, the filter which can blocked is a good filter. It shows the filter is effective. It is exaggerated to declare the filter can use 3-5 year without replacing in the market. Don’t pursue cheap one too much. The water purification machine is a need to one who pursue high quality life in china.

Shenzhen J&D Group is a reliable water treatment equipment factory enjoying high reputation in producing cheap water purification machine. Water purification machine It utilizes are advanced and safety. Of course, it offered by Goldsan are high quality and with reasonable price. Do come to here find a high quality water purification machine.

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