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Tips for Development of Packaging Machine Factory

With the development tide of technology, Industry 4.0 gorgeous come into being, and it bring about a storm of intelligent manufacturing. Every fields can receive absolute huge market, because that our country is populous and consumption country. But our innovation in technology can’t compared with developed countries, so development has been limited with foreign technical barriers. This is true in packaging machine factory, in other word, there is a big space for development in packaging machine factory.

Increase policy support in industry development

packaging machine factory
Packaging machine factory belongs to agro-industries, and it is closely related to the issue concerning agriculture and countryside and farmers. It play important role in increasing the value-added agricultural products and farmers' income. But, packaging machine factory free from agro-industries in financial support and preferential tax policy for a long time. This not only influence development of packaging machine factory, but also go against solve the issues concerning agriculture, countryside and farmers. So, need carry out study in financial support and preferential tax policy and formulate financial support and preferential tax policies and measures.

Strengthen the guidance and coordination in packaging machine industry

Industry association is shouldering guiding industry and developing industry. In order to achieve a better role in guidance and coordination, industry association must improve function and undertake government transfer function.

At first, does the practical work for the enterprise. In other word, industry association should realize and grasp the difficulties and problems of the enterprise and assist enterprise in solving practical problems. Secondly, packaging machine factory belongs to agro-industries, but, it free from agro-industries in financial support and preferential tax policy for a long time. Industry association ought to develop a research about industry policy and suggest that packaging machine factory enjoy agricultural policy reasons to relevant authorities. Last, industry association should grasp the market trends timely and track the market risk and competition in order to put forward forewarning measures without delay.

Strengthen the support of technology innovation

In China, technological innovative capabilities of packaging machinery factory is weak. Technological innovative capabilities rely mainly on backbone enterprises strive for development and lack of original innovation. So, first, state and local governments should expand financial input. Second, forming a diversified investment mechanism widely absorb social funds where government capital as the leader and business investment as the main body. Last, creating innovation conditions for packaging machine factory and producing new machine.

Improve supervision on product’s quality and standard

First, encouraging packaging machine factory to standardizing its work actively in order to achieve safety and health standards. Second, adopting advanced overseas standards and using ISO standards, EN standards as well as the advanced standard of developed countries to achieve packaging machine factory in accordance with safety and health, energy conservation and emissions reduction, environmental protection and other international convention. Finally, strengthening the implementation and promotion of advanced standard.

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