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Vacuum Packaging Machine Maintenance Methods

Vacuum packaging machine should be operated at a temperature of -10℃-50℃, non-corrosive gases in ambient air, no dust, no explosive hazardous and relative humidity less than 85% environments. Like wrapping machine and shrinking machine, the vacuum packaging machine is a three-phase 380V power supply.

To ensure packaging machine operate normally, it isn’t acceptance to reverse vacuum pump motor. You should often check the oil level which is 1/2-3/4 of the oil window in normal. When the vacuum pump water or oil in black, new oil should be replaced at this time (replaced every one or two months).

 machine maintenance methods1http://static.beveragefillingmachine.com/images/upload/image/20161104/vacuum packaging machine maintenance methods2
Daily Maintenance
There are several keys in packaging machine maintenance, such as clean, fastening, adjustment, lubrication and corrosion. In the normal production process, each machine maintenance staff should carry out the maintenance work strictly to reduce the wear rate of parts, eliminate hidden dangers and prolong the service life of packaging machine according to maintenance manual and machine packaging equipment maintenance procedures within the prescribed period. Packaging machine maintenance can be divided into: routine maintenance, regular maintenance (maintenance points: primary care, secondary and tertiary care), special maintenance (point: as seasonal maintenance, outage maintenance).

Packaging machine regular maintenance
Packaging machine regular maintenance is required for machine work and after work which focus on clean, lubrication, checking and tightening.
Packaging machine primary maintenance is conducted on the basis of routine maintenance. The key content of it is lubrication, tightening and checking the related parts and its cleaning job.
Secondary maintenance is focus on checking and adjusting. You should check engine, clutch, transmission, transmission components, steering and braking components carefully.
Tertiary care is focus on testing and adjusting, eliminating the problems and balancing degree of wear parts. You should conduct diagnostic tests and status checks to the part which influence the packaging machine using and possess faulty sign. And then you should complete the necessary replacement, adjustment and troubleshooting work.

Special maintenance

Seasonal maintenance means detect and repair the fuel-run system, hydraulic system, cooling system, and start system and other components of packaging machine every year before the summer and winter.
Outage maintenance refers to packaging machine due to seasonal factors (such as the winter break period) that require a period of inactivity should do cleaning, cosmetic, supporting, anti-corrosion and so on

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