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250ml-2L 3-In-1 Water/Beverage Filling Machine

250ml-2L3-in-1water filling machine can be classified into atmospheric pressure filling machine and isobaric pressure filling machine. It depends on the production that customers want to produce. Generally mineral water production line, and pure water production line will choose atmospheric pressure filling machine. Carbonated drink production line and fruit juice, fruit tea production line will choose isobaric pressure filling machine. Atmospheric pressure filling is  relying on the gravity of water, it flows into the bottle by gravity. Isobaric pressure filling should operated beyond atmospheric pressure and control the water by pressure. The output of atmospheric pressure filling machine is more than isobaric pressure filling machine because the isobaric pressure filling machine has more complicated process compared with atmospheric pressure filling machine.

As for the advantages of our productions, the panel of machine is smoothed so that it can ensure the equal vertical of axle. We use SS304 stainless steel to make sure the foot of machine won’t rust. Besides, the filling valve we use is the best in this industry, all the accessories are authentic international famous brand. Most of chilling machine will be equipped with a thermal relay, once the machine is overloaded, it will stop automatically from power leakage, short circuit, low air pressure and water lack so that ensures the safe working environment. and the bottle is flushed thoroughly and the precise filling totally avoid spill and wastage of water. At last, the user-friendly design makes it easy for worker to operate and maintain. What’s more, there are other operational function including counter,external washing, user-friendly screen, water heating. All these humanized functions make our product popular all over the world.

All production information and automation controls are displayed digitally. Automatic control and manual toggle adjustments are made on a PLC controlled touch-screen panel. The bottles are clamped at the neck and suspended for smooth operation even with light weight PET bottles. Empty bottles are rinsed on the inside, and turned over 180 degrees prior to being filled.

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