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5/3 Gallon Barrel Water Filling Machine

5/3 gallon barrel water filling machine is specially designed to fill the purified water, distilled water, mineral water and other bacteria free liquid. Generally this kind of machine is atmospheric pressure 3 in 1 line filing machine.The equipment is applied with 5gal bottles(bottles of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6gal can also be applied, but the sample bottle shall be provided). As the equipment integrates the process of bottle washing, cap mounting, cap pressing and finished product delivering. It is the ideal choice of water plants.

As for the advantages of our productions, first, our filling machine is fully automatic, which is washing, filling, capping integrated greatly saving the human resources and reducing the production cost. Besides, the machine will stop automatically from power leakage, short circuit, low air pressure and water lack so that ensures the safe working environment. Second, the bottle is flushed thoroughly and precise filling totally avoid spill and wastage of water. At last, the user-friendly design makes it easy for worker to operate and maintain. What’s more, there are other operational function including counter,external washing, user-friendly screen, water heating. All these humanized functions make our product popular all over the world.

For operations, the equipment can be configured with following machines, water filling, bottle cap pre-heater, auto decapper, empty bottle leakage detector, bottle external-washing machine, bottle internal-washing machine, bottle auto loading machine, shrinking machine, inspection light, and other equipments. It features integration of advanced technology and working principle, high level of automation and simple operation.

We can add other functions as customers’ requirements, such as hot water washing, capwashing, daily counter, user-friendly interface control, etc. And we provide a team qualified with abundant professional knowledge and experiences to help the customer choosing models, discussing plans and executing with one stop service. We Strictly adhere to the standards of residential drinking water standard. Each parts and procedures assembling the machine must meet the food hygienic requirements. The stability of each procedure must be satisfied. And we assemble each machine on this line by co-operation of well experienced engineers and relevant specialists, at the same time they provide a superior after-sales service. If anything unclear, we also provide this line the real-time control and display system.

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