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5/3 Gallon Bottle Water Filling Line Auxiliary Equipments

5/3 Gallon bottle water water filling line auxiliary equipments cover many constituent parts, including automatic bottle loading machine, automatic cap remover, automatic external barrel washing machine, semi-auto bottle brusher and decapper, auto cap loading and washing machine, auto label shrinking machine, semi-auto cap remover, stacker crane and cap sterilization cabinet. All these machines ensure the high efficiency of the filling line

Concerning the advantages of auxiliary equipments, we have Total 304 stainless steel produced, making sure a good quality of material, thickness and welding, high quality motors and pumps, PLC micro-computer programming system (Japan OMRON PLC), Full-auto bottle loading system, full-auto water rinsing, draining system, full-auto bottle inside washing machine, auto bottle unloading, linear type bottle lifting (linear circulating, chain imported from Japan).The all parts directly contacted with media are all adopted with food stage stainless steel without dead angle, so they can be cleaned easily.

The process of auto decapping machine consumes less time but very accurate (finished by a special air cylinder), easy to adjust. The claws are forged according to the surface of the cap to guarantee no harm to caps or bottles. The unique structure makes it easy to maintain.

External brusher uses spray washing to clean in all dimensions. This machine has central-brush, side-brush and bottom-brush, which are self-rotating driven by the gear-drive system. It can reach the bottle neck, shoulder, body and bottom without any blind corner, thus avoid cross-pollution during the outside and inside washing process. This machine has a high level of liability and stability, and the production capacity can be easily switched according to requirement, It has the sanitizer washing position and pure water washing position. It can guarantee the cleanliness of the bottle surface.

The internal washing machine uses mechanical arm to load bottles automatically, which is energy saving, exact positioning.

The shrinking machine gets the water supply from the bottled water. The float electric water level controller presets a figure, then water in the tank will be heated, when temperature up to the preset figure (4-7 degree adjustable), When the temperature of steam reaches to 140-170℃ the machine starts to work.

Linear type bottle lifting machine can lift the bottle to facilitate the worker to wrap the filled bottle with plastic bag. It can protect the bottle from damage during the storage and transportation.

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