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Cap Injection Molding Machine

Cap injection molding machine is used to make water bottle caps, carbonated bottle caps, drink bottle caps, sport-type bottle caps, edible oil bottle cap, spice bottle caps, and 5gallon bottle caps, by the way of high temperature plasticizing. The machine normally has LCD computer control with big display screen, four stages of injection, independent velocity and pressure control. It adopts world-famous brand automatic temperature controlling device. Drive the screw with electromagnetism motor reducer to realize stepless regulating. When the plastic is out of the extruder, the embryo will be cut by the blanking plate and then put into the molding chamber uniformly. The bottle cap produced by this kind of machine have no injection gate with excellent quality and beautiful appearance.

After plenty of experiences, our machine has developed with many advantages such as easy operation, energy saving, raw materials saving and water saving. Compared with traditional cap injection molding machine, the output can increase several times. Besides, it doesn’t produce waste runner, and the mould of the cooling water and hydraulic oil can reuse, so greatly reduce the system cost. In addition, this machine with a complete system of computer automatic temperature control and rotate speed matching between extruding machine and molding machine. The mold temperature and material temperature can be adjusted to best state, to ensure the durability and stability of the equipment.

  • Automatic Bottle Cap Injection Molding Machine
    Automatic Bottle Cap Injection Molding Machine2018.04.08

    JND series injection molding machine ranges from 68T-3000T, aiming at processing high quality plastic products, because of its high-performance. Our machine is widely used among domestic and foreign c...

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