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Coding Machine & Printer

Coding machines are categorized in the following two categories: Inkjet printer and laser coding machine.

Inkjet printer: They are housed in robust stainless steel frames. Furthermore, compactly designed print head can print on varieties of substrates of different shapes. It’s normally used to print manufacture date, batch number, expiration date, weight, price, size, origin, composition, additives, quality, representation, card number, registration number, manufacturers, distributors and other code on the surface of packaging. All parameters are set by digital regulator, without any manual knob. And unique swivel nozzle design help to minimize the installation space. Ultra quite long operating life, work noise is less than office ink jet printer. Multi-tasking operating system, single bond adjustment for front size, printing information and other parameters. Besides, the machine has one key intelligent automatic cleaning function and real-time viscosity detection, real-time online control of ink density to ensure print quality.

Laser coding machine: It’s mainly used to print complex text, graphics, images, trademark design, bar code, the QR code, the product serial number, signature, etc. Laser marking can also improve the appearance of the product image and brand effect, enhance the market competitiveness of products. The laser coding machine produced in our company start quickly and operate easily with compact and single-box design which enables fast installation and line changes. Generally the machine takes 30minutes for mechanical setup and 20 minutes for line change to quick start. Besides, it can fit easily on most production lines, excellent mark quality and wide application range, allows for easy handling by a single operator..
  • Inkjet Printer
    Inkjet Printer2018.04.08

    The machine equips with 1.5mm stainless steel chassis, the precision laser welding processing, rugged and reliable, protection level of IP54, the computer keyboard layout identical to the touch, and c...

  • Laser Printing Machine
    Laser Printing Machine2018.04.08

    This laser coding machine easy to set up, the printer is one of the most versatile entry-level,10-Watt CO2 lasers on the market. With scribing laser technology and large marking fields, the printer p...

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