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Desktop Water Dispenser

The main advantages of desktop water dispenser are its small volume which can save enough room for those who only have limited space. Besides, it’s also convenient for people to transport or take. So, the desktop water dispenser generally can be used at school, home and office, etc.

According to the way of water production, our desktop water dispensers can be classified into four categories: hot-only water dispenser, cold-only water dispenser, hot and cold water dispenser, hot, warm and cold water dispenser. They are suitable for 3 or 5 gallon bottled water. Some kinds of desk water dispenser also have VFD and POU ( including filtration system). That is to say, the water temperature can be displayed and adjust on the screen, which promote user experience.

Based on the way of chilling, the desktop water dispenser can be classified into two categories: compressor chilling and electrical chilling. Electrical chilling water dispensers don’t have mechanical transmission device, so they have the advantages of non-abrasion, noiselessness, and environment friendly. Furthermore, Electrical chilling water dispensers are cheap and convenient to maintain and take. The cooling capacity is about 0.75L per hour. However, compressor chilling water dispensers have high cooling capacity with 2L per hour, and the water temperature can be cooled under 10℃. For the people who live in hot region, compressor chilling water dispenser may be a better choice.

As for the material we use, our water dispensers use stainless steel hot water tank, which is imported from abroad or from domestic famous brand with short heating time and long heat preservation time. What’s more, all of our products adopt ABS plastic panels, food-grade silicone pipe, 300 thousand times tested faucet, domestic high quality compressor and environment protection type refrigerant. All these strict requirements make our products good in quality.

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