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Filter Cartridge And Filtration Material

Filter cartridge consists of PP cartridge, sediment cartridge, active carbon cartridge, RO membrane, UF cartridge and post-carbon cartridge.

PP filter cartridge is made of ultrafine polyethylene fiber, has the advantages of high filtration efficiency, small pressure loss, stable filtration efficiency, long service life, low filter cost, good safety, strong adaptability. The main function of PP filter cartridge is used for filtering the water 0.01 to 0.02 micron particles, impurities, bacteria and microbes, protect the RO membrane from the damage, prolong the service life of RO membrane.

The materials of sediment cartridge are graded gravel, quartz sand, magnetite, anthracite, etc. It can be made of glass fiber or stainless steel according to customer’s requirement. The main function of sediment cartridge is to filter the big suspended solids of the source water.

The outer of active carbon cartridge is usually made of glass fiber or stainless steel. The inside  is filled with active carbon, used to filter the educt in the water, microorganism, color, smell, parts of heavy metal ions, and can effectively reduce the shade of the water.

RO membrane is used to filter the heavy metal and chemical residue of source water. UF cartridge is made of hollow fiber membrane. This product has high packing density and large water yield with the advantages of good chemical stability, acid and alkali resistance, bacteria resistance easy to transport, store and high filtration accuracy.

  • PP Cartridge
    PP Cartridge2018.04.08

    PP sediment filter: also called “security filter”, to trap particles of 1–5 µm diameter, including rust and calcium carbonate, dust, mud, and etc. It prevents the particles entering the membrane, ...

  • Active Carbon Cartridge
    Active Carbon Cartridge2018.04.08

    Active carbon cartridge is to trap organic chemicals and chlorine, organics, improve the taste and odor, remove iron, hydrogen sulfide, radon; which as the key device, commonly used for removal of org...

  • RO Membrane
    RO Membrane2018.04.08

    RO is a liquid filtration method which removes many types of large atomic molecules from smaller molecules, by forcing the liquid at high pressure through a membrane with pores(holes) just big enough ...

  • UF Cartridge
    UF Cartridge2018.04.08

    Ultrafiltration(UF) membrane is a variety of membrane filtration in which hydro-static pressure forces a liquid against a semipermeable membrane.Suspended solid sand solutes of high-molecular weigh ta...

  • Active Carbon
    Active Carbon2018.04.08

    This product is made from high quality coconut shell, almond shell and walnut shells which are refined by scientific method. Its appearance is in black and with large pores. It is non-toxic and taste...

  • Silica Sand
    Silica Sand2018.04.08

    Silica sand is widely used in drinking water treatment to remove different types of particles, such as suspended solids (turbidity), colloidal compounds and etc. It’s a hard, wear-resisting, Chemical...

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