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Monoblock Glass Bottle Washing Filling Capping Line

  • Monoblock Glass Bottle Washing Filling Capping Line

Derived Models:

JDN-BCGF 18-18-6 (4000-5000BPH)

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This kind of products applies for national “ secondary vacuum and high pressure shock bubble ” technique to minimize the oxygen content of the beer, greatly enhance the taste of bear. Precise pressure control and automatic detection of glass bottles, guarantee the perfect of the beer quality. The device is an aseptic filling equipment which is the introduction of German technology, combined with the characteristics of China’s beer production industry design and development. This machine has excellent performance, perfect washing, filling, capping, sterilization and other functions, to achieve sterile beer poured in a sterile environment, sterile container production from 2000-20000 bottles per hour.

1. This high speed automatic glass bottle filling machine (3-in-1) is suitable for packing beer or gas containing beverage
2. Its performance is as following: all parts, for instance, filling valve, which directly contact medium are made of stainless steel or harmless material. So it conforms to the requirements of Food sanitation
3. Sealing parts are made of heat-proofing rubber, in order to meet the technique requirements of users to sterilization at high temperature
4. Using programmable controller to realize fully automatic control
5. Beer filling machine uses transducer as speed regulator, so the user can regulate the machine easily to suit different power requirements
6. Adopts equal pressure filling principle and current spring valves in order to assure beverage quality
7. Using advanced magnetic coupler to regulate cap-screwing torque, in order to assure capping quality



According to the output of water production, the washing head and filling head will be relatively changed. The above model is only for reference, if you want to know more, please feel free to contact with us and give us more information, in other words, the machine can be customized by buyer’s requests including the production capacity.

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