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Monoblock Hot Drink Washing Filling Capping Machine

  • Monoblock Hot Drink Washing Filling Capping Machine

Derived Models:

JND-GFR 16-12-6 JND-GFR 18-18-6 JND-GFR 24-24-8 JND-GFR 32-32-8

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This equipment is used for hot filling of tea and fruit juice, or some no gas drink. It can automatically rinsing, filling and rotary capping bottles, a full set of juice filling line. Main technique is imported from Italy. The juice filing line is easy and convenient for operation and maintenance. It is equipped with constant temperature controlling system which can efficiently realize no-gas drink and juice asepsis filling. The machine integrates washing, filling and capping together. The design is scientific and reasonable with good-looking.

1.The suspending bottle-neck clamping design makes the bottle stable during the high-speed moving conditions
2.By changing a few parts, it can meet the need of production of different types of bottles easily
3.The special stainless steel clip is adopted and the clip will not contact the area above the bottles screw thread
4.Nozzle is in the clip can guarantee the complete wash of the interior of the bottle
5.The advanced micro negative-pressure filing technology used in this machine make the filling quickly, steady and accurate
6.The beverage-holding tank is fully closed and also, temperature-control device and CIP washing interface are installed
7.Magnetic torque is used for screw capping
8.Capping is reliable and will not harm the caps
9.Advanced technology, such as human-machine interface touch screen and PLC program control are adopted in this machine
10.All parts that contact with the water are made of good-quality stainless steel
11.The critical electrical components such as the decelerators, the motor are all from famous international companies
13.Integrates washing, filling and capping into one unit
14.Can be used for hot-filling production of different kinds of fruit juice, tea drink, and more
15.Can be also used for the filling of purified and mineral water




According to the output of water production, the washing head and filling head will be relatively changed. The above model is only for reference, if you want to know more, please feel free to contact with us and give us more information.

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