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Sterilization Device

Our sterilization device generally has two kinds: UV sterilization and ozone generator. Besides, we also have ultra temperature instantaneous sterilizer and bus sterilization machine.

Ozone generator possesses advanced alarm system. When the machine lack of ozone, it will alarm automatically until the ozone level back to normal. When the temperature is over 50℃, the machine will alarm and stop. When the temperature is below 50℃, the machine will recover to work automatically.

UV sterilization is mainly used in household drinking water, small pure water plant, small mineral water plant, water dispenser, etc.The machine is small and light, and easy to install, has th e advantages of high sterilization rate (99.9%) and other characteristics.

Ultra temperature instantaneous sterilizer: the factory adopts advanced stainless welding technology from abroad, selecting the fine polished stainless steeltube, which has improved greatly comparing with the former products we manufactured. There are two kinds of specification:manual control and automatic control. It’s suitable for the liquid material, such as fresh milk, fruit drink, wine, soybean milk and Chinese medicire, as well as the sticky material upon completing with high -pressure homogenizer. The information of other automatic UHT completing with aseptic packing machine is ready for you. The production capacity:1-0T/H.

Bus sterilization machine:It applies for heating, sterilizing, warming and cooling for all kinds of heat sensitiveity liquid, such as milk,juice, drinks, wines and so on. The machine has semi-automatic control and fully automatic control, material pump balancing tank, hot water system, temperature control and recorder, electrical control system. The sterilizer temperature is about 85-96℃.

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